Awake the creative inner child

Free class

Awake the creative inner child: 

Recorded painting class with guided journey and light language activation

In this webinar recording you will reconnect to your inner child and to your creative essence. Your inner child is a genius. All she/he wants is to be seen, heard and acknowledged by you. Your inner child is playful, explorative and joyful and the more you connect to her/him the more you become your authentic self.

And we can do this in a playful way. She/he shows you the way and I will guide you through the steps and you can apply this on a daily basis.

Expressing your creativity is vital in order be a powerful manifestor, as you get into your vortex via creativity and you connect to your divine feminine energy.

In this webinar you will:

  • Reconnect or deepen the connection to your inner child
  • Activate your creative codes
  • Paint according to what your inner child is showing you
  • Receive Light Language Activation
  • Have fun!

The list of the supplies you need will be sent to you after signing up.

And no, you don't need any painting skills or experience :).

So, let's play :)

"The inner child painting class with Sheetal was incredible! 

I got to relax, to surrender and let go of the mind and plans. In the past I found myself like a perfectionist with painting portraits and this class helped me to step outside the box of rules, to play, to be messy and to trust the intuitive flow. Connecting deeper with my inner child brought me joy and a remembrance to dance, play and laugh more! Sheetal is on a high level of consciousness and I enjoyed how she intertwined spirituality & light language with the inner child and painting. 

It was a beautiful experience that I highly recommend for everyone who desires more flow, joy, play and flexibility in their career or personal life."

Dena Musfer

Hi, I am Sheetal, an artist, spiritual guide and light language channel.

My journey started over 40 years ago and with a lot of experiences and lessons and trauma.

I used to be very creative as a child.
I sang, I danced, I created my own songs and choreograhies. I painted and drew a lot, even in the dictionary of my parent.
Like many, my creativity wasn’t supported in my family. Even more singing and dancing was a taboo.

So, you can tell how I shut down my creativity completely.  As you see, the programming was passed on and as we do as children, I took everything my parents said as the one truth.

Hence I went to University and studied International economics and did a “normal” job. I wasn’t happy. I was actually depressed. 

I had 2 burn outs and after the second one I chose to change myself and my life. This was in 2016.

When my awakening journey started, I began to shed the layers of the persona I thought I was, released trauma, fears, sorrows, anxiety, doubts and self doubts.

I learned to love myself again for just being, to align with my Highest Self and live from my heart in order to create the reality I desired. I chose to change, I chose to realign, I chose to re-establish my connection to Source.

At a later stage I started painting again. And re-discovered what truly lights up my heart. Your inner child is a Genius and if she or he is heard and acknowledged, she/he begins to live truly again – with total authenticity. For me it’s art. Art is fulfiment, exciting, fun and love.

I create paintings, drawings, also jewellery and other things like decoration.

In terms of you creativity there is no limitation because you are limitless. An infinite being.

So let’s create.